System Implementation

After meticulous system designing, our team ensures it is functioning and trains end users how to operate it ensuring that it meets operational standards. We also ensure ongoing support and maintenance of the system within the performing organisation.


System Training

At Petalm, we understand that systems are tools, and we make it our business to come up with user friendly and yet advanced training programmes for all our software solutions. When a business implements a system, they want to do something different, and systems training is about behaviour change. We help our clients achieve both whilst impacting their customers.


Custom Solution Development

Our business is to create solutions that match any business requirements, we adapt solutions to you and your business in place of employing a solution that was built for the masses. We will work with clients to understand their problem, outline the specifications of the solution, figure out the best way to build the solution and execute in their enterprise their feedback along the way.


Dashboard Reporting Tools

Organisations operate in dynamic environments, influenced by various industry fluctuations. These various challenges must be constantly checked. Monitoring business productivity in real time makes it easy to make quick decisions with poise. We offer customised dashboard tools that make it easy to manage data on a day-to-day basis.


Power BI integration

With the huge growth of data organisations face a lot of challenges governing their data. To manage this unmeasurable data there is need to store it somewhere. Our solutions work well with any amount of complex data


Custom report designs

Designing a custom report can be a nightmare for businesses but with our solutions this process is made easy.


Process Automation

Repetitive and manual business processes need to be automated to improve efficiencies and reduce errors that come with business growth. We help clients identify functional areas of growth, create SOPs and identify repetitive functional areas within their business and prioritise areas to automate to keep building a better business.


Business Process management

Our business structure approaches generate value that has seen us help our clients improve their processes whilst they get the work done. Our methodology ensures that clients’ business is efficient and effective which helps them to be cost efficient. Our methods help eliminate human error and process gaps whilst improving efficiency and compliancy.


System Utilisation and Audits

Data protection has become a vital aspect of any business hence we help protect and measure access control strength and defect breaches. We offer easy to use yet robust monitoring, auditing and alerting tools as we seek to improve data integrity. We also assist in monitoring and advising our client usage of the systems and solutions we deploy so that they can fully benefit from their system through full utilisation