What is Crossware Mail Signature?

Crossware Mail Signature is an email signature software application that automatically adds compliant, personalised and attractive email signatures to all emails. These signatures may include disclaimers, logos, graphics and advertising banners that can be randomised or targeted to specific recipients. Companies send thousands of emails every day, therefore it is vital to ensure that each email displays your brand image as well as the appropriate contact details and disclaimer information. Petalm Africa Group is a licensed distributor for Southern Africa.

Branded Header

Customise a header to suit your company or department. Correct Name Automatically pull the correct details from your database. Contact Details Automatically append the correct contact details to every email. Social Media Icons Display links to all of your current social media networks. Promotional Banner Turn every email into an opportunity with an attractive banner. Appropriate Disclaimer Specify a disclaimer message to be appended to all emails.

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