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One of our clients in the manufacturing industry who are a subsidiary to an international company where there are some standard reports expected each month and expected to integrate into the holding companies’ system. Due to the differences in legislations, the two couldn’t use one system to manage the information and ensure a continuous seamless integration. The HR team had to spend 2 weeks each month to work on the file, generating unique codes for each employee and modelling the file to the correct format required for integration into the main system. This was more tasking and time consuming as well as more error prone 


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Our Solution

We built a system that is able to generate the unique codes per employee in a matter of seconds, then built in reports that were ready for auto integrations and setup an sftp to get the data from the local company to the main system in real time. This solved their time and complex related issues and now they don’t spend more than an hour to do this task each month

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